Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last Birthday Present

Since I'm around the computer any how, I thought I'd come here and let you all know what this special last birthday present I got my parents was.

I had hoped to of used it by now, done a 'I got this' type post and then make a post about how to use it, make things with it and perhaps even a recipe or 2 to go with it from trial/error with it but sadly the day yet to come but I hope it comes soon! Perhaps I'll make some for over the Christmas/New Year holiday... hubby always has that entire week off.

Anyhow, my wonderful parents... my mother especially really does listen to a lot of my rambling and babbling when we're out shopping or just bumping around. This year they saved and saved and manage to buy me that very very much wanted pasta maker! Yes you heard it, although I thought it'd easily be next year at the earliest that I'd get it, I got it for my birthday!

Sadly though as I said it has still sat mostly in it's box since that time :( Due to the current surgery and then all the end of the year stuffs, I just haven't had the time to give to experimenting with it yet. Soon though! VEEERRRRY soon! I did get to making a bolognese sauce recipe though when I had intended to try the machine out but ran out of energy and want for cooking by the time I made a 4 quart soup pot of the sauce LOL. Next time I'll make sure it's not 2pounds of meat and lots of other things.

Anyhow, my new pasta maker. Only thing I am missing now is that I want *1* additional attachment to it and that is one that will help me make gnocchi and a few other types of pasta and I need some mineral oil for maintenance on it. But over all it looks like a VERY good machine and I very much look forward to experimenting with it!

And yes every one... it is actually imported from Italy! There are *some* advantages of being located in the EU... some really nice imports happen to be one and a very loving and dear family happen to another!

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