Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Apologies

I noticed today that it has been over a month since I last posted... shame on me! But as many of you know, real life and family come first and as of this past month I have been in a full time position with my work! Ok that is great as we are getting onto crunch time for moving but it also means I have 1 to 2 days a week off and those are usually crammed full of house keeping, running around for stuff like groceries or doing wash as well as trying to find some time to spend with my loved ones.

So today I am home on a Saturday of all days... not because I want to be but because some how I injured the lower left side of my back. Nothing serious but also meant I couldn't stand up straight for a couple of days and then I did a booboo by trying to work where I do lift quite a bit of weight every day. So by doctor's orders I will be off work until Monday.

So that means I get to take some time for some past time fun... COOKING! Yesterday I had nothing better to do so I was surfing more food sites and came up with my meal plan. Today is home-made beef stew with lots of veggies and potatoes, which is already in the oven simmering away for it's 4hrs of oven time. Tomorrow I am going to make broccoli cheddar soup with seasoned cheddar biscuits that you swear came from Red Lobster but still 100% gluten free!

I also plan to make some dessert... if I have enough energy and not too much pain. I have a pre-packaged (gag) box here for a chocolate cake, although I might just go all out and still make my own. It's not for the cake you see though but for this awfully sinful craving not only for chocolate but for chocolate cream cheese frosting. So what a perfect way to get that fix by making a chocolate cake to put it on. I mean if your going to make something like cream cheese frosting, might as well go all out and make a cake to put it on too! I hope after the stew is out of the oven and on it's 1 to 2hrs on the stove top (for the veggies) that I'll have enough energy left to make this indulgent dessert.

I wish every one a wonderful weekend as I know the USA is celebrating Father's Day and I'm sure having a blast letting dad loose on his grill! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE WONDERFUL DADS OUT THERE!

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