Thursday, August 29, 2013

General Talk - Finally Some Time!

Life just flies by, especially when you have made the choice to no longer be just a house wife but a working house wife! Work is amazingly busy... the gent fest, 2weeks roughly for the boss's vacation time, took only a week off (only 4 of my normal working days to be honest) in which I saw my son and had a whole lot of house work to catch up on, then got slammed back into work because during my time away the main oven blew another circuit and the boss lady ended up sick. Of the 1 week I took off, they closed the store for 2 days of it *shrug*. It's their store so it is not for me to question but it really does bother me sometimes that I do end up covering everything for them for quite a number of days, mostly on my own but when it comes to me taking a few days off, they can't deal with or handle it.

Anyhow... with that said. I finally have a day where I don't have an over load of house work (thanks a lot to my cleaning lady once a week!! Hey it's why I work :P) and there are no other real plans. Before today even arrived I was already thinking of all sorts of things I can do in my kitchen. I bought beef stew ingredients, I made sure I had butter in the house and off I went. It's only noon here in Belgium and I already have baked an entire batch of Peanut Butter M&M cookies (ran out of chocolate chips it seems and since one of my recipe plans today was to make M&M cookies anyhow, I said why not, there was gonna be left overs anyhow). I even made something called Juicy Lucy Burgers and I am preparing to make that batch of M&M cookies. After those are baked off, the stew will go in the oven for a nice slow 5hr stew and from there I'm going to go and work some more on cleaning my bedroom (damn clothes really need to be gone through in order to see what I want and don't want or don't wear!).

I have been very carefully photographing all of my recipes today and keeping notes on them. The cookies turned out well so far *halo* and yes most of them made it into the bowl for later although man that was a tough one! The stew is for the long weekend I will have when I have to do a closing shift tomorrow and an alone shift all of Saturday and god only knows what after. Fish for dinner tonight!

I will post a recipe on Sunday! Sweet, savory or both? Dunno yet, we'll see what day inspires me to do!

Break Down
 ~ Peanut Butter M&M Cookies
 ~ M&M Cookies
 ~ Juicy Lucy Burgers
 ~ Slow Cook Beef Stew w/ Rice (not traditional potatoes)

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