Monday, October 17, 2011

Where Do I Start?

My mind is reeling... I have so many ideas and I keep getting more and more every day. Now that I have my new oven, the world is my oyster (and I'm going to make those too!).

Today I sit here doing something I shouldn't.... stumbling through the food/cooking subject in FireFox Browser's 'Stumble' add-on (GO HERE to get the add-on if you don't have it already, you'll thank me for this later!). It leads to all sorts of naughty dessert thoughts, new pasta recipe ideas, what I can do with items I have in my house that I have no idea what to do with yet like the wonderful chunks of white cheddar I recently found on a shopping trip with my mother (mac & cheese have come to mind today and earlier deep dried cheese balls came to mind... going from good to bad Missy).

I also have this wonderful little book, it's quite actually 'little' as it's only about ooo 4-5inches wide and high but it's also a good 1inch thick... it's all soup recipes from hearty soups to cold soups (sorry cool summery soups, you'll have to wait until next year I'm afraid) to meat soups and meatless soups. I came across one I'm interested in and it's an almond with grapes one. Not sure if it's cold or hot yet as it's also in Nederlands. I can read a lot of it but when it comes to breaking apart a recipe properly I rather have my husband here to translate before I go messing something completely up and ruin the desire to want to taste it properly!

So I have these ideas floating through my head....
1. mac & cheese made with fresh white cheddar (perhaps adding bacon but not sure)
2. just a few cheese balls made with the above mentioned white cheddar (can't use 1 pound just mac & cheese.... can I??)
3. Peanut Butter Cups (I have all the ingredients and have yet to use that wonderful mini muffin pan that I posted about like 2 months ago now)
4. quite a number of soups from watercress to mussel with sage to that almond with grapes one. Cook books are the devils work I swear!
5. bolognese sauce with ground turkey, fresh bell pepper and properly made with a nice hearty red wine (of course to go over some nicely cooked rice based spaghetti pasta!)
6. chocolate souffles (after making lava cakes last night, I have a mood for the 'lighter' version now)
7. new stew... my Italian style stew is really nice but I have to admit 2 winters of it later I think it's time to invent a new one
8. egg fu yung (the ways of doing this and the things you can put it in it are just endless!)
9. taco omelets (long story on how I got onto this btw so better for another time)

So you see just this afternoon my mind is swimming with all these ideas. First though I have to finish the roasted veggies for dinner tonight and the other 2 lava cakes for dessert and then I can start to think about what new to make. For now *sigh* I sit here with just the stuff I have already made and wondering what I should post about next. I have so many wonderful and colourful recipes/photos on hand that even that is a question now.

On to the GOOD stuff! What should I make?! Coming to think about it, there are also all those things that I want to re-make not only because they were really good but so I can get some much better photos of them such as spinach souffles, chocolate dipped macaroon cookies (the coconut style ones but the almost powder types), corn bread muffins, au gratin potatoes, mini apple fritters with icing.... the list is endless. I have photos, I've made the items but I want to perfect them and I want better photos. Good gravy (mmm that too!), I'm glad blogs aren't ending any time soon, I think I'll be very happy here for a while!

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