Sunday, October 16, 2011

My New Oven *YIPPEE!!!*

I know it took a while to get but I'm happy to say that I have finally gotten to replacing my oven! It should of been the landlord's problem to fix or replace the one that broke but trying to point out that this problem was simply a problem with the oven itself was next to impossible and I was not about to go through the hassle, not to mention the wait, of it all.

So just a bit of time to save for the new oven and we found a great deal at only 266euro that included delivery up 2 stories and installation. And what better to have as an oven name then 'Candy'. So without farther wait, let me introduce you to my newest piece of kitchen equipment... Candy!

Today 'Candy' is getting her first official work out too! I've already made a nice pork roast the day she was installed (will post about it later with photos of course) but today she has been on and going strong since about 2pm and as I come to a close in this post it will be past 6pm with her having to run another couple of hours. I have prepared some wonderful cinnamon/sugar cashews and almonds which are already finished. Then after, I turned the heat back up and am now in the process of letting a nice big batch of veggies roast away. And after all that there will of course have to be some sinful but so needed dessert in the way of lava cakes with fresh raspberries mixed in. And of course I've taken great care to take photos of every thing for later posting! Well, not the lava cake yet... those still have to be made!

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