Monday, November 14, 2011

Life In General

Hello my sweet little get-away from the real world. Life has not been kind to me over the past few months and it always seems to happen over the months that I really wish it would just settle down, spring/summer. But with all that life throws at us some how we manage to keep going.

We all know about the stuff with my mother in law yet again and worse this summer... well my mind and body out lasted what needed to be done and then fell apart. I don't often get sick but man oh man when I do I *DO*. For a while now (year or longer) I have been dealing with what was thought to be an ovarian cyst that was measured at 8cms (a bit over 3inches) round on my left side. Now I'm not by any means a small woman and so the first steps to try to rid my body of this was hormone pills which didn't work, next was a medical drainage which worked for about 2 or 3 months and then the last which no one was looking forward to was key hole surgery. This last step was waiting for one of two things to happen... either I would lose more weight or the thing would twist. Unfortunately, the later happened.

A couple of weeks ago, I landed in the ER twice within 12hrs with horrible lower stomach pains. First time they were mild compared to when I returned the next morning. I was NOT pleased with how I was treated I have to say in the ER this time around. The first time they did blood and urine work, both came back clear. They also did a CT of my lower/mid section and that looked 'ok' with the exception that it showed the mass I TOLD them about before even running that test. They sent me home telling me every thing to them looked 'fine', to take over the counter pain control and call my GYN in the morning. I slept okish and as soon as I started to move again the morning the pain was back full force times about 10. Back to the ER... asked to take more blood and urine for testing (mind you that I only just had this done *12hrs* before and all was normal) and we questioned why more blood work if the first was fine.... they took that as I refused to give to their testing instead of it being a question. After sitting/pacing/crying due to the pain, it was finally time that the doctor offices were opened (my gyn doc is a specialist in the hospital that I was in through ER) and *I* called him directly to ask if he even 'knew' that I was sitting down in ER with the pain and problems he himself warned me could happen. Well of course he didn't and instantly ordered the ER doctor to send me to his office where he preformed my ultrasound (which the ER didn't do even though I told them it was needed, but of course don't listen to the patient that knows what is going on with her insides... nah would make to much sense after all) and saw that the mass has/is moving around now and has lodged itself behind my uterus which is putting strain on it and even more on my bladder. He suspected that it was twisted but that you can't fully know with anything except surgery which by the location of the cyst, ultrasound findings and the sure amount of pain I was in was scheduled for Friday November 4th, 2011.... 1 week after the pain started.

So, in I went and out it came. It in fact was not attached to my ovary but actually to my left tube. I got rid of the cyst but have now also lost the left tube due to it as well. I don't want kids so this is of no concern to me really, I'm just glad to still have the ovary which I could have lost if that was where it was attached. It was not cancer, just nasty and needed to come out. It had twisted but in the way that it had made a complete 180-360 rotation around my tube and twisted the tube... this and the fact that it was strangling it's blood supply is what caused all the pain. Less then 24hrs in hospital and I was home though... surgery now a days is getting so good isn't it??

I'm now just a bit over a week post-op and I've had my stitches removed (yea got the old fashioned kind cause I don't react well the external dissolving style ones). A few more war battles on my tummy (got my first with the ER admitted removal of my gall bladder about 4years ago now) and a little better feeling. It's been a long battle but with any luck the wonderful miracle we call the human body will correct itself now, heal itself and will return me with a sense of what it is to be a woman and not be afraid of even making love to my husband due to worrying if something might go wrong.

Needless to say, I haven't cooked really anything special since this started but I still have a LOT of really nice stuff on stock that I made before that and quite a few things from my husband's birthday. Oh yea, all of this happened just before *my* birthday which was November 11th... turned 34 that day... came and went uneventful, even the weather sucked. I was just happy to get my stitches out the day before and not have to wait for a long holiday included weekend to go by until they did!

So on to some more yummies... it was just too hard to just sit here typing like this but I'm feeling better now and can get back to giving you more good stuff to go off and try! Oh and through out all of this I got a couple of brand new goodies for my kitchen in the way of cooking items, I'll be posting about them soon!

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