Friday, April 20, 2012

General Talk - Spring Has Sprung??

Well I thought it did at least... guess I was a little early on the gun with the 60+ degree temps we were having a couple of weeks ago. The weather here has such changed that I feel as though I have wondered back in time by about 2 months. Having to bring out my sweater and heavier coat (although not my winter one but had thought about it a couple of times). I think Belgium is the only place that I have now actually seen the impossible happen, that you will need your sunglasses and your umbrella at the SAME time! Yes, you read that right. I was working this past week and there it was, I was enjoying the bright wonderful gorgeous sunshine blasting through my work's windows and then bam, people were coming in to get out of the rain and sure enough I look up and it's down pouring with fun on bright sunshine. *shrug* Never take nature for granted, she will always throw you for a loop!

Now with that said, the weather has indeed been REALLY odd and I don't know if I should be looking for fresh Belgian strawberries in my local fruit store or if I should be preparing to make soups and stews. One minute it's sunny and bright such as it is now but within 10mins, it's down pouring and with a nasty wind. But never the less, I always seems to come up with something to make, one way or another.

It's been a busy couple of weeks with me being the 'fill in lady' for my work for the better part of 2weeks straight. The only 2 days actually off were spent shopping for a new wardrobe of clothes for my mother who I'm proud to say has lost an outstanding 50+ pounds in the last 6months or so *CHEEERRRS* and also has under gone 2 cataract surgeries within a week of each other. So to celebrate we bought her brand new clothes and got her new glasses/sunglasses... and the other day off was spent mmmm don't remember except that it was another long day and barely enough time to do anything.

Now it's becoming weekend yet again and it's hubby's planned 3day weekend... he took Monday as a vacation day just to make it longer. We were originally going to spend an evening with my folks but the weather is so up in the air that no one really knows which direction to go so we all decided it would be better to get together when the weather shapes up. I don't mind this at all but I do long for the better weather. I'm dying to use my camera which was bought at the very ending of July 2011 so I was not feeling very comfortable with it yet and I have so much I want to get photos of not to mention I just want to enjoy my summer! Last year was not the most pleasant of affairs with my mother-in-law going down hill and all mentally but now she is stable and every one is taken care of... I plan to ENJOY my summer this year, even if I do have to work, I can still enjoy my off time and free time without worry of taking care of something or another.

This weekend of cooking will I think start tonight... I'm not totally sure but since I've been working such long and odd hours, I have ended up with a few bananas that are quite over ripe and I have decided they are at a good stage that although I don't want to open them up and eat one straight, that they are wonderfully ripe for banana bread and/or muffins.

This weekend though will I hope include the following dishes to be made...
Banana Bread and/or Muffins
Corn Dogs (that didn't get made the previous long weekend off)
Cauliflower Patties
Breaded & Baked Zucchini Slices
Vol-au-Vent (not the pastries but a local dish I feel in love with before I had to go gluten free)
French Toast
American Style Pancakes w/ Raspberries

This is just what I have thought about making off the top of my head. Not sure how much will or will not get done or if I'll toss any other recipes in there while I'm at it but for now I think that is enough! It at least gives me time to spend in my kitchen and time making good wholesome gluten free foods. Geee's I have so many photos and recipes on hand, I don't know where to start with posting any more. Coming up though and already with photos edited & ready to go are Easy Shrimp Bisque and Quick Microwave Cake. I also have some more wonderful fruit photos/entries I'll be sharing too.

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