Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter every one! I had started the recipe I added today yesterday in fact but it became some what of a spring clean for my blog that I just wasn't able to manage to finish it time to post yesterday. So what the heck, so what if there is more then one post a day! More to read, more yummies to try out and more food to talk about!

Today is Easter 2012, spring has been in the air for quite a while but the last couple of days has felt more like fall again but never fear, spring will be here along with all of the wonderful spring/summer fruits and veggies! Nothing makes a dish better then wonderfully ripe summer fruits, spring veggies so young so tender and of course bunches and bunches of fresh seasoning!

This weekend has been relaxing so far. I have family but we are not the most religious of people. We love to cook and eat like most so we do take the chance of a bigger bank holiday let us say to indulge our taste buds with the more uncommonly cooked meals and dishes.

This weekend I have planned to make....
Blueberry Pancakes (American Style)
White Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Cookies (Subway Copy Cat)
Corn Dogs (made even this time with American Hot Dogs!)
Pinwheels (a recipe I've been making for over 15yrs now)
Easy Shrimp Bisque (inspired by Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa)
Roasted Lamb Shoulder
Home-Made Sour Cream & Chive Mashed Potatoes

Ok so there it is... those are what I have 'planned'. So far I have made the Shrimp Bisque and the Omelets. I currently have sitting on my counters the ingredients (and my camera!) for the Pinwheels and White Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Cookies.

Tomorrow will be the Roasted Lamb Shoulder (which I have never made before so I hope it turns out as good as the lamb chops I seem to of gotten almost perfect now) along with Home-Made Sour Cream & Chive Mashed Potatoes.

The Corn Dogs most likely will end up waiting a couple of weekends I think since I'll be making the pinwheels today (which include 2 recipes btw because I have to make my own mock version of tortilla shells without a press and simple so no rolling is needed) but tomorrow's breakfast will start out early with the Blueberry Pancakes which will sit nicely along side a couple of simple scrambled eggs and some chicken breakfast sausages that my wonderful butcher was so kind to make me a couple of weeks back.

Easter here in Belgium is celebrated on 2 days. Why? I'm not quite sure but I'm certainly not going to argue over it! It means my wonderful husband has an extra day vacation and more time down.... and it gives me more chances to cook things other thing dinner style items.

I hope with spring almost here and summer coming close behind, that I get to spend more time in my kitchen as I just LOVE making fresh seasonable type recipes. I have taken over making my mother's recipe of fruit salad that includes almost any kind of fruit (exception of watermelon) with a hint of sour cream added to it for creaminess and I really want to try my hand at making home-made fruit leathers as well once the true Belgian Strawberries come into season at less then 6euro a container. They are starting to make an appearance again but they are much too costly to be making fruit leathers out of which calls for something like 2 cups or more of cut strawberries. I can just imagine though the taste of them already with the strawberries I've grown to love compared to the American counter part that rather be sold large with less flavour then smaller with LOADS more flavour. I wouldn't mind even trying my hand at making raspberry ones either I think!

Remember, come the end of summer this year, dear hubby and I will be looking for and hopefully moving into a new place. We hope for a detached house of some sort with a nice big backyard. If this happens, I promise there will be more entries as I start my very own garden as I take my cooking adventures down the road of producing my own food. I think it'll be such a wonderful feeling when I make a dish with food grown by my own two hands... I suspect the results will be so amazing that it will make my own dishes little pieces of magic! At least that is what I hope! I may or may not add that part of my cooking adventure to this blog but it really depends on how far/well it will go. If it becomes a bigger project them just a few random entries, I might start a new blog for it but if it's smaller which I suspect, I will just include it in here under a new label, what do you all think?

Anyhow, Happy Easter to you all. I'll come by and edit this post later on to add links as I add these wonderful recipes. I've already made a couple, have a couple in the process of being made and more to come tomorrow along with making something I've never made before. This weekend is all about enjoying my family time and taking advantage of having some time off to actually enjoy cooking again.

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