Sunday, July 1, 2012

Drinks - Fizzy Raspberry Lemonade

It's officially summer around here in Belgium and I don't mean just by the date but all that tells you that it's summer time. School is officially out as of this weekend, all my beloved summer fruits such as Donut Peaches and raspberries are out, the sun is already giving me problems due to having sun sensitivity (I'll take that over not having summer though!) and it's just plain ol' feel of summer.

The other day I had tried a soda that I hadn't before just for the sure want for something 'different'. It was Schweppes Lemon. I normally don't go at all for lemon soda around here mainly due to the fact that it's a bitter lemon and I do not like that at all.

This soda is different though. It has a very very light lemon taste that would remind you more of the old style American style lemonade but with the added soda fizz. This brought up a longing for a lost love from the States... Raspberry Lemonade.

So one afternoon I bought a pint of raspberries and went about trying to make it! Ok so that wasn't *THAT* hard but honestly I loved it more then my husband but lets all face it, I'm still an American by all means and lemonade + raspberries just make sense!

So grab a bottle of schweppes lemon soda, take out a nice tall/big glass, add a bunch of ice, mash up a few raspberries (no sugar needed as there is sugar plenty in the soda), place the mashed raspberries into the glass of ice and pour in your soda. Give a mix up with a spoon and let sit for a moment to get nice and cold. The results are amazing.

Later on though, I'll post a recipe for home-made lemonade both with and without fizz version so that you can also make this the old fashioned way! But for now, I couldn't resist showing off the amazing photos my husband took of these drinks and well this IS a gluten free blog... not just recipes right??

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