Tuesday, September 4, 2012

General Talk - Where Does The Time Go??

My god... it's been forever since I was here. I almost forgot I even had this blog running with how busy my life has gotten over the last few months. Tonight sparked my memory though because when showing some one that I work with photos off my phone when it showed me all of the 400+ photos I have uploaded already to my wonderful gluten free food blog.

Summer... it's come and gone already and I feel that I have, at least this year, gotten a lot more done then I have in the last 10yrs worth of summers. No one to take care of like my MIL or such, still in the same apartment, finally have a beloved new car (got it July 4th, 2012 of all dates), I'm coming up on just short of being in Belgium for 11 full years, I have had a steady job for the last 8months, my health is getting better, I'm losing weight but still I have not cooked, baked or even attempted any thing in my kitchen in months. My main meals have consisted of 'poor mans omelets' and sandwiches.

The summer months have been warm and very sunny here this year. So much in fact that for the first time since moving here I've actually got a small tan going that is darker then my husband's! Usually it's him out so much in the sun that he will be 2 or 3 shades darker then this pale skinned American lady. Not so this year LOL

So I don't really know when I'll be back to post a recipe but I do know I still have photos and recipes on stock to share. Not much in the way of spring/summer things I don't think but at least they are still very yummy (or I wouldn't post them) and sure to appeal when the months start turning more into fall weather then summer.

Bare with me while I find my footing but I think this week Thursday I'll be able to bring a new recipe since I should have the day off but one never knows until one actually arrives on the day, in my case. Some times someone calls in sick and I need to fill in so never know.

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