Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome To The Gluten Free Experience!

Welcome to my spare time project! I know I know, you're saying to yourself 'oh great another food blog' but this blog comes with a purpose... a good purpose! To write to all of those out there that are living the Gluten Free life style! I had to go about this about 5years ago as of this post and new blog. It's been a crazy experience from lots of good things relearned, bad mistakes, flopped cooking, really good cooking, depression days due to feeling sorry for myself and much much more.

I wanted to start this little project here because it'll give me a way to express what I'm doing with my life in the way of my food & cooking while enjoying some things I like more, photography... writing and of course computers! I hope you'll find something good out of this blog and that you'll enjoy my ride with me! 

Feel free to link to your blog but please keep it related to gluten free cooking. If it's a blog entry only that is fine but please link to the entry and not just the blog itself... keep it real and I'll keep it real.

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