Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oven Out Of Commision

My cooking experiences and plans have taken yet another hit to my wallet and not in a good sense and atm I don't know for how much. Could be as little as 15 euro or as much as 300/400 euro. Only the week will tell me for sure.

Basically the other evening I was getting ready to put something in the oven which is now pre-heated for it (was going to make salmon cakes and zuchinni chips) and well it has this automatic 'spring' system to help close the door. I always found this quite stupid actually... I mean who in the right mind forgets to CLOSE their oven any how? So back to the point, I miss holding it open while putting in the chips and the door closes. Not hard, not forcefully or any thing of the like... just it's normal every day spring back motion and BOOM... the entire front door explodes into a million little glass pieces with exception of this big metal and plastic piece that use to be the handle.

Now the reason I say it could cost as little as 15 or as much as 300/400 is simply... either it's going to cost us 15 euro to talk to people that specialize in the laws of renting apartments to talk to them about if the landlord is responsible to repair/replace the oven or if we are... since it comes with the apartment and we were not liable for the damage done we figure it's the landlords job to repair it. Now if it is ours to have to repair then it'll either be repaired for 100euro or less... if it's higher then that we're not going to throw the money out the door and we'll just buy a new one but rest assured, we'll take it with us and leave them the one they wouldn't repair and they can deal with it when we move! My oven (gets overly possessive).

So my poor oven... stove top still works so at least I have that and tonight I'll be making a nice simple taco salad (will take photos!) and then for dessert we're planning on making bit sized apple fritters since we also have a freshly cleaned/oil replaced fryer :D So my cooking hasn't ended but my baking atm has... will have to do with what I have and see what things I can get into trouble with!

I hope in the end, it's the problem of the landlord to repair or replace the oven as if we have to, I won't be able to afford my pasta maker :( That is the only really truly bad thing about this happening... I WANT MY PASTA MAKER! LOL I have for quite a number of years so I hope this is just a case of him having to repair it. I rather be without an oven for a couple of months even then have to forfeit getting my birthday present!

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