Friday, July 8, 2011

Leave Your Comments!

Please by all means leave your comments on this blog but I do politely request that you keep it on subject which in this case is gluten free food/cooking stuffs. If you are posting toward a blog entry in specific then please also keep it about the post as well. Just keep it on track and don't go talking about how to purchase a brand new Iphone 4 while we're taking about making a wonderful fruit tart.

I'd also LOVE to have you link your food blog but please link only gluten free blogs or even if it's just toward a gluten free post of your blog but if your blog is all about cakes with normal gluten filled flours/ingredients and it's posted in a comment to say corn dogs, I'll just remove/not approve it. I just want to keep this blog about gluten free cooking and to help those that have to live with this. Give them a place to come to, know the recipes are tried and true, that the information within is accurate and gluten free.

Enjoy the blog and don't forget, if you have suggestions to any of my recipes, POST ABOUT IT! I'm always looking for ways to spice up the recipes I have made!

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