Friday, July 8, 2011

New Kitchen Toy

I have this thing for small items for the kitchen that make my life easier, especially so when it makes cooking for only 2 people even more easy without being so over sized that it's meant more for 6 people.

Not too long ago I went shopping at a kind of mega grocery store that not only sells food stuffs but also house hold stuff, electronics, clothes and so forth. I guess the closest store in the USA I can explain this to is the mega Wal-marts I keep hearing about.

Anyhow, while there as I usually do I went looking through the kitchen supplies area (non-food stuffs) and to my excitement they had a wonderful new display that was filled with stuff made/produced or what have you (hell even if it's just endorced by I'm happy!) by Jamie Oliver. Ok yes I have a thing for him. Be it that he cooks different then most 'chefs', that he's english, that he's my age or be it just I lust after him without any reason what so ever... I have all of his naked chef DVD's and the more I see of his stuff on the TV the more I adore him.

Anyhow off my lust listing... I found this wonderful MINI hand juicer style piece. It's no larger then a size of a normal sized lemon and it fits the half of a lemon or lime just perfect! It holds on average the juice from 1 lime or half a good sized lemon. PERFECT for making recipes such as lime/dill salmon or bake-in-the-bag lemon/butter cod. And best yet is that it has a small strainer style design just before the portion that holds the fresh squeeze juice in order to catch any large pulp pieces and seeds!

I've already used this oh heck... who am I kidding... the first night I got it! I have to say it's a keeper. If you normally buy the already squeeze lime or lemon juice in those funky little yellow or green plastic containers that 'squirt' it out this little whole at the top.. STOP RIGHT THERE and do not buy another bottle! Go to your local department store and look for some sort of small juicer. This one I believe is meant for small citrous but it's SOOO much better then the processed stuff in those stupid little plastic bottles.

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