Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Equipment - New Camera

A long while back I bought a Canon EOS 300D camera. It was a beautiful camera, took wonderful photos but sadly I bought it 2nd hand. Within about 400 photos I'd say it started in with the known mirror problem where one of the mirrors won't open and causing the photographer to only get half the photo. Well dear hubby, bless his heart, found a way to make the mirror work again for a few photos but in the process of that happening, it also lost it auto-focus ability. Sadly to say, that camera has been put on the shelf and collected so much dust I can write 'repair me' across it with my finger.

A couple of weeks ago now, thanks to my wonderful parents, I finally got a chance to replace that camera. Not only that but with a camera 100x's better (in my thoughts at least so far) with the Canon EOS 600D. Along with a 19gig memory card and a new bag to carry it all in. Yes I'm quite happy with this. It has so many functions that it's going to take me years to learn it all but it's something I've wanted to do for a long time. And even better timing since I just opened this blog as well! I have brought some wonderful photos to the blog already but I already have quite a selection on hand made with the new camera that it'll add such a touch of class to the whole thing I think!

I've placed a photo of a candy dish that I have always sitting at my computer desk that my husband took just out of experimenting with the camera but it came out so nicely that I didn't dare throw it away. And yes, well and behold, I found a place to use it! Here! Look forward to some hot, lovely, tasty and just mouth watering food porn coming your way soon!

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