Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fruit Talk - Green Grapes

Do you remember my post just yesterday where in my smoothie recipe I asked you to think hard on if you took the small things for granted? This is another of those small things I think is important. I LUV fruit and veggies. And I think (and believe) that the more colour to the selection you eat, the better you will feel. Not only do I think one will feel wonderful but they will have more energy and will even look better not only to themselves but to others also. I also believe in the thought that eating fruit and veggies never made any one fat. Just remember with that thought, it's what you put ON or WITH them that does. Sure it's quite tasty and nice to dip veggie sticks in dressing or an apple slice into caramel dip but that is where people steer wrong. It's not eating too much fruit or veggies, it's all about what you put on them. I promise that you will feel full on a couple cups of grapes, have only half the calories and none of the fat that you'll take in by grabbing that naughty snickers bar.

So lets talk about wholesome food... natural, wonderfully coloured, sweet, filling and simply all around good for you, GRAPES! I do have to admit I do let it show that I'm American when it comes to grapes (watermelons and olives too btw) by the way that I prefer them and has to be seedless. That usually isn't a problem out here in the grape department but it does come with a slightly higher price then the seeded one. I would rather take the smaller price difference then deal with spitting seeds out as I try to enjoy a nice cup of them though.

Green, purple, blue, globe... what ever kind or colour you prefer. Mine are personally green but I also like their purple counter part. I do also like the purple globe grapes but only when I'm in the mood to deal with the seeds and to be honest those are really the only ones I'll put up with for the seeds as they are usually so huge in size that 3 or 4 seeds are nothing to fight with as compared to a normal sized green grape.

Fruit in general is good for you. It's always going to be naturally gluten free and I think it's sadly left alone in the dark when people get into the mind set of 'what do I eat that doesn't have gluten or milk or lactose or ~ insert dietary requirement ~'. Even diabetics seems to get into this mind set. Yes it's still sugar but it's natural sugar and the kind your body needs... you just can't go eating 4 pieces at a time or in this case 2 cups or more. But remember this is a gluten free experience, not a low sugar or sugar free experience!

Grapes... go to your local grocery store or fruit stand and grab some! It's still season and more often then not even in the off seasons, you'll find them also and just as wonderful... just slightly more expensive. You can do soooo many things with them (will post some recipes later on) but for now, just go grab a wonderful bunch, chill them in your fridge for a couple of hours for a refreshing sweet and filling treat and just enjoy the ending days of summer the best as you can!

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