Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recipe - Strawberry, Orange & Banana Smoothie

We all really do seem to take the more simple things in life for granted when we are forced to live a way we wish we didn't have to, such as the case with having to live gluten free or milk free. I've noticed people even tend to do this for lifestyles they don't have to live but choose to live.

So today's post is geared toward breakfast for a change. I don't post much about breakfast because I get very few chances to cook a big breakfast that I can take photos of or even use a recipe for since my loving husband only has off on weekends and leaves work at 7ish in the morning, just not the best of times to whip up a big breakfast! But once and a while you'll find a breakfast post. I mean I do this so rarely that I even have a brand new waffle maker sitting here in it's box, never opened, never used... and if that isn't sad enough, it's been here for months now.

Are you one that takes the simple things in the life of being gluten free for granted? Do you not realize exactly how many natural foods are at your finger tips that are already naturally gluten free? I mean really think about it for a moment. Do you forget that eggs are a god send being packed full of easy to digest protein that has now even been researched as being even better for you then first thought? I know most of us must have an gluten free alternative to bread be it home-made or store bought... do you realize the endless combos you can do on toast such as peanut butter & banana, simple butter & jams, apple butter or go all out and make french toast! Want even more? Think about those eggs again but don't think fried or scrambled or 'ick, I've done eggs so many times and always the say way' but think frittata, think omelets, think scrambles with meat/cheese/veggies.... you can do countless things with eggs that are all natural and all 100% gluten free without ever having to worry about reading labels!

So that is what has brought me to my post today. How simple can you get then fresh/frozen fruit, yoghurt, juice and some thing natural perhaps for sweetening? The only thing special for smoothies that you must have is a blender that is able/features crushing ice. For me that means my wonderful 'bullet'. It comes not only with the smaller container to use with it that most Americans reading this go 'yea I know that thing' but it also comes with a 1 litre blender pot with lid. I've used it almost weekly in some form or fashion since I got it. If you have that, all you need are the ingredients! Oh and no tips this time!

 1/2 cup to 1 cup frozen strawberries (store bought work well but fresh work too just freeze them first)
 1 banana (any size you want, this isn't science)
 1/2 cup to 1 cup orange juice (fresh squeezed works wonders but bottled is just as good)
 1/2 cup plain low-fat yoghurt (low fat Greek style works very well too)
 1 to 2 tsp honey or Agave syrup (very optional... it's for taste, if you want it sweeter add this, if it's sweet enough, leave it out all together)

This does have to have some direction to it as you need to make sure the stuff blends well so I'll give you my way/version. First place strawberries in ice crushing ability style blender, then banana, then pour in the orange juice. You need to use at least some orange juice as the liquid for this or it won't blend but I will say this, use as much or as little as you wish to change how thick or thin you want it. I like it kind of in between so I add about a cup worth. Then add the yoghurt. Usually with store bought strawberries, they tend to be a bit bitter so I also add the 2tsp honey to mine, add this right on top of the yoghurt but make sure it's the end product because otherwise it will stick to every thing except get blended into the smoothie.

Cover properly, pulse a few times and then blend for about a minute. Serve how ever you'd like, I prefer a pretty purple cup that I bought specially for my smoothies (insert pamper yourself thought) and enjoy! It's great for hot summer mornings as a good 'gotta run but need something' style breakfast but it also great as a snack or even a side to lunch.

Don't forget that smoothies can be made any style and with almost any mix of ingredients and as long as you stay away from the more odd things like wheat germ, you are almost promised a naturally gluten free treat. 

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