Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let Us Talk 'Exotic' - Goose Berries

Another day, another fruit. Ok ok ok! Another month and another exotic fruit! Today I'd like to offer you a couple of cute little photos of something that are again quite common out here as compared to the USA. In the USA English, they are known as Goose Berries.

These little gems are not for the faint of heart though. They are quite bitter, especially if you buy certain types. But they are such a wonderful colour, shape and have this fuzzy little fur on them that I had to make a place for them in my blog. They are packed with nutrients (like most fruit obviously but more so since they are in the berry family) and again as most fruit, 100% naturally gluten free.

Enjoy the couple of photos and check out the WIKI LINK for some more in-depth information on these wonderful little globes of fruit. My husband is particularly fond of these.

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