Friday, September 9, 2011

Soda - Organic Orange

I think I've said it before that this blog is not just going to be about recipes. This blog is meant to be of things that in general fit a gluten free life style. Yes there will be wonderful and tested recipes (lots of photos too) but there are also going to be general life talks, tips, products I've tried and liked a lot, stores I'd like to recommend even though I am located in Belgium and any thing else I believe fits and goes well into the whole 'Gluten Free Experience'.

Today I want to bring to you one of my favourite sodas. I've only recently found this one though. I don't normally drink much else but water and peppermint tea but once and a while I do like a nice cold iced tea or indeed a fizzy bottle of soda. The only problem I have with these though is that most of the time soda carries way too much sugar for me to enjoy even a small glass. I'm not diabetic or anything but I do seem to be carb sensitive. For example I can enjoy a nice bowl of rice based pasta while as a portion of the same in corn based pasta will give me a faster heart rate for a bit.

So lately when I crave something with a bit more flavour and wow to it, I've been turning to a glass of this orange soda. I found it at my local Bio Shop (will have a post on this store sometime in the future as it will be a recommend store!) and for the price compared to it's highly processed and highly sugared orange coca cola counter part, I'll take this any day. I pay about 1.30euro a bottle for this where as it's counter part I'd pay about 1 euro. For it being bio, organic and 30% less sugar without adding any thing artificial (duh, or it wouldn't be able to carry the bio label). If you can find this or another type of soda that you like that isn't loaded processed crap or high in sugar, come share it with us! I'd be glad to even have you as a guest editor if you can tell me a bit about the soda (or any other product you want to talk about) and why you think it should have a place here!

Go grab yourself a nice glass of low sugar but natural soda, go sit in the sun for a bit (remember your sun block!) and again enjoy the last days of summer with a smile on your face.

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