Monday, September 5, 2011

Stupidity On Blogger's Side

Of all the stupid things I have come across in the way of text based things like this site, this has got to rank in the top 10.

Today I added of course my first recommended entry. All was working quite well before that post. I publish the post and suddenly I am missing half my blog... every thing to the left including the search widget that *I* actually had to add physically to the HTML code of the template I use for this blog because it wasn't working/active for some reason through blogger itself.

Ok NOW I'm upset as all of my labels were gone too and I KNOW these were there just yesterday because I took the time to edit them to make them sound and look better. So WTF?! But as usual, I am not a quitter and didn't let this stop me. I stopped my posting and went on a hunt for why my side widgets up and took their unexpected vacation. It took quite a bit of time to find the right search terms but in the end (as I'm sure you can see) I figured out how and where to search for the problem.

This is where I placed the title as I did. The reason my widgets disappeared is because of the damn automatically made iframe embed that GOOGLE itself makes *duh* for it's mapping feature was too large for my blog. So instead of the blog warning me or something that some thing was simply over sized, it just up and makes things disappear! I spent 30mins tonight finding this out but in the end I simply did a custom sizing on the google maps I added and made them no bigger then the re-sized by blogger images in my blog pages and wela, every thing works again.

So a note to my fellow bloggers, if suddenly you post something and lose your side widgets without having touched any thing in your template at all... check your image sizes! It's really stupid but in the end it's a quick and easy fix to make it all right again.

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