Monday, September 5, 2011

Recommended - Tierenteyn Mustard Shop

This is a bit more odd because the name of this shop is not by any means any thing an English speaking person will think about pronouncing. I can pronounce it because I know how to read the language not to mention I have also heard this told to me time and time again. I have tried to look up how to pronounce it but with no luck so I would suggest you write this one down instead and carry it with you.

The name is actually just 'Tierenteyn' but when we're speaking english, we refer to the shop as a mustard shop or more so THE mustard shop of Gent. Again located in the Korenmarkt area of the 'old city centre' of Gent (I get out to this area quite often as it's one of my most favourite places to find most of my odder shopping wants/needs). They also have an OFFICIAL WEBSITE that can be easily googled by searching for just the name Tierenteyn and finding it being #1 of the search. And the greatest thing about their website is that instead of the typical Nederlands or French language, they realize they are in the middle of tourist area and have made the language selections Nederlands and English instead! So go visit it!

I'd like to tell you a bit of what I know of the store just to make it easier for you to understand why I make it one of my recommended stores and why for different reasons. This shop the first time I was ever taken to it I have known to make their own mustard and trust me this mustard is NOT for the faint of heart! If you can't take a massive KICK of heat off of your food by-pass their home-made mustard by all means but if you love the kick that I do from just a tiny touch of mustard, then theirs is a must try. Now over time I've been there a verity of times because not only are they a mustard store but they are an English (England/UK area) import shop and they also carry spices that are harder to find such as cloves (whole and ground) and dry mustard which are not findable at all on supermarket selves.

Ok with that bit of info out of the way I can now get onto why I recommend this stop. I'm always on the look out for some really great chocolates and this shop carried some very interesting bars that at least of the flavours I've seen/tried are gluten free. One I have totally fallen in love with is cinnamon chocolate. It's made of milk chocolate and only the finest of ingredients so I don't really consider it a 'processed food' and lets face it, have you ever tried to make your OWN chocolate?? OMG it's a pain so this is really one thing I do keep an eye out for.

That wonderful little photo above is in a number of languages including in order from top to bottom... Nederlands, English, German and for what ever strange reason, Polish. You would think from this area, England included that it would include some where French *shrug*. This chocolate is NOT an import as I had thought though. It is made in Belgium baby! See, told you I think my sweet tooth is 100% Belgian! But any how, if you like some thing different when it comes to chocolate, this brand I have really only found at sold at this store and they not only have cinnamon and remember these next kinds are made with REAL ingredients... nothing artificial or other nasties... chili, orange, lavender, mint. There are also a number of other flavours. Next time I make it there, I'll see if I can't get a better list and perhaps an image of their display.

So this store, although I don't go more then like 2x's year if that, still makes it on my recommended list for having this chocolate selection, for their home-made mustard (still made there at the shop!), for their selection of harder to find spices and of course their selection of England/UK imports!

Having problems finding the shop? I've also included a link to GOOGLE MAPS and a special embed to try and help you find it!

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