Sunday, September 4, 2011

Newest Kitchen Toy - Mini Muffin Pan Set

Now I never said I was the world's most sane of persons... I think this entry just about sums that up.

For a while now I've been searching the shops high and low for a mini muffin pan. Something I miss from the USA and now that I have no reliable sources to send me stuff from there I am force to improvise with stuff I can find around here. It really is a pain growing up for 20+ years of ones life in one country and then having to adjust to a whole new life and life style when you move to a completely different country.

Yesterday dear hubby and I went out, we even took our new camera for it's first outdoor trip (awww)... but seriously. There were some things I wanted to get for my mother-in-law but couldn't find where I had looked. So we headed to some smaller 'might have that or that' type stores. So we packed up and headed into what is called the Koenmarkt area. Here we find a wonderful little shop that carries a bunch of cheaper prices items but kind of nic-nacish. I managed to spend just short of 40euro here yesterday LOL.

I came out with *1* thing for my mother-in-law, a lonely little plastic dish to hold her hair clips in (bows head in shame). I was greedy. I came home with this neat little silicone bag that was sectioned off with spaces and filled with liquid so you can freeze it. It's meant to hold a bottle of wine to keep it chilled but I have better ideas for it... like a litre bottle of water that I want to stay cold when it hits 85f out like it did yesterday. Yes we're back to the 80+ temps but only for a day or 2 this time. I also came away with a small shaving mirror for hubby, 2 new mini mixing bowls exactly as my big ones you see through out my recipes, a set of 2 plastic microwavable ramekins dishes with lids, a new fridge thermometer, 2 new pairs of scissors exactly the same ones I wanted/had but bought almost 10years ago (hubby managed to mess up the blades doing some DIY stuff so they don't cut properly any more) and I was soooo happy by that last one.

Now for the last item and the reason for this post... I FOUND A MINI MUFFIN PAN! YEEEAAAAA! Ok calm down Missy... calm down... deep breath... aaa ok that's better.

Not only did I finally manage to find a mini muffin pan but I found a 'kit'. And this is why I made mention that I'm not totally sane... it's meant to be a 'kiddie' set. It has the normal non-stick 12 place mini muffin pan but also includes 12 mini silicone muffin liners (these cost like 5euro a package alone btw), 1 small silicone shallow spoon, 1 small silicon basting brush and 1 small silicon spatchula (the jar scraping kind, not the burger flipping kind). It was so cute with it's bright colours and considering that a mini muffin pan would most likely run me 10euro or more alone, it was just a deal I couldn't pass up for only 12euro. I am really happy with this buy.

I have to admit too, I've never turned to the 'silicon side' of cooking/baking yet with exception of perhaps my main jar scraping style spatchulas. So I am curious as to how well the liners will work compared to my ever loved foil style muffin liners. For that matter even, how they will be compared to even paper style ones.

Aaaa the recipes I have been storing up for this little pan! When the cooler weather sets in, I think it'll see a wonder of great foods come in and go out of it. Mini corn muffins with green onions and cheddar, mini peanut butter cups, mini french bread doughnut bites....just to name a few right off the top of my head. Any one have any suggestions are mini muffin only recipes for me to try?

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