Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Photos & Info Updated

For those that are keeping a watch on my beautiful and colourful photos, I've updated the VEGGIE STEW recipe with a brand new set of photos. There use to only be 2 but they were old and didn't show very much. Removed those and replaced them with like 10 new ones including an finished product. Remember my blog is about tried and true recipes. Things I've made, cooked, baked, tried and thought were worthy of a place here on the blog from recipes to stores to even just something I found interesting that had to deal with the whole gluten free life style. That also means I will always have photos of stuff I've tried or made just to prove that it has been made and I am true to the word!

Thinking of that... the veggie stew was inspired this time around by the hand off of a totally massive zucchini that was quite literally the length of my arm and larger then baseball bat thick. This monster made 2 recipes, the stew and later on some Zucchinni Bread. This thing was laid out on a white sheet we have over one of our couches... I wish there was a better way to show the size of it but I think from the width alone you can tell how huge it actually was!

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